My God, this world is spinning faster every day.  Sell more, be better, buy bigger, move urgently and do it now.  And if you don’t, well, you just don’t measure up.  And you’re absolutely missing out.

I just got my hair done a few days ago and although my stylist is a spiritual, woo-woo type like me and we talk more about that, I listened in on the many conversations going on around me.  And it really began to sink in.  We live in a land of story-telling.  And not always happyresults because of that fact.

The conversations were interesting…”Omg, I just can’t believe she is such a drama queen….he is such a loser and I’m not gonna take it anymore….I’ve got possible diabetes and have to go for more tests….that kid for sure has ADHD….he’s an abuser….she’s such an introvert….I’m so fat….and it has to happen right now or it’s over!

If it’s true that we create from our thoughts, feelings, emotions and speech, then it’s clear to see how we’re creating this crazy world we live in.  And I totally understand that the world needs all colors, flavors, perspectives, ideas; positive and negative.  I don’t believe in “all-there-should-be-is-rosy” BS.  Because life brings us everything so we can experience more.  So we can expand more.  I get that.

However, it’s time to stop the suffering.  If you’ve meditated, taken every course on the planet, done the work, continue to do the work, seek counsel, have a mentor and still can’t break through patterns, it’s time for something to change.

And of course, that something will be YOU.

I realized recently that I was in that boat.  Why do I continue to have body breakdown?  Why do I continue to accumulate money and then lose it?  Why do I struggle on and off with 20 pounds?  Why are relationships and acceptance of others difficult for me?   I’ve done somuch work!  Why, why, why?

And then, I had another “shower moment.”  Yes, I love those moments.  They happen when I sleep, when I’m in the shower, taking a bath, driving my car or when my mind wanders.  When my mind is still and my Spirit, my inner guidance, comes through.

What I heard didn’t sound much like Divine guidance at first (no big God-voice from the sky telling me what to do)…but because it was so soft yet firm and sure, I knew it definitely was.

What it said was this: It’s time to surrender.  When you hit a wall so big, you’re waking up…you’re on the precipice of a breakthrough, a change, a new way of being.  Something is about to be birthed, something you’ve never seen or heard before.  So wait, patiently.  Stop pushing against. 

Stop buying into the bullshit.  Stop immersing yourself in the craziness of emails and social media; of everyone’s program is the best and will deliver the magic results you’ve been waiting for.  Of…the world is coming to an end because of our new President.  Of…there’s no money.  Of…you have to get somewhere and be perfect when you get there.  Of…the labels and stories buzzing around you and the ones you have living in your head.  And stop waiting for the perfect answer.  Just be.  Breathe. 

And being human of course, my mind said WHAT?  I mean, isn’t taking action important?

There’s a time for taking action and a time for stillness.  Why is it so damn hard to wait?  To reflect?  To trust?

Because we live in the world of our brains, technology, the latest studies show, statistics, doom and gloom, education and incredible stress.  We’ve been taught to react, and programmed to defend and survive. But remember, you’re a radio with an antennae.  You pick up all the thoughts and craziness from everyone else in the airwaves that pass through you.  Much of what you feel and react to isn’t even yours.

And of course, we’ve forgotten our beautiful imaginations!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”  Albert Einstein

It’s interesting that we choose to get caught up in our human-ness; we would rather believe in the seemingly solid and persistent illusion as opposed to the powerful reality (the Quantum field) that we truly live in.

So in the coming days of an incredibly powerful year with massive change on the horizon, what will you choose to do?  Buy into what no longer serves you?  Or tune out the buzz and the latest and greatest stories?

Will you use what’s coming to you as an opportunity to grow?  To build your inner grit, tenacity, fire, knowing and patience?

Hold onto your hats.  We are truly birthing a new world paradigm.  And things might get shaken up a bit.  But what a glorious time to be alive.  You came here for the experience.  Now trust that you’re exactly where you need to be and that all you require is on it’s way.  No worrying.  And in the meantime.  Trust.  Step off of the wheel.

….there you go.