R-I-S-Ewith Lisa (is an 8 week group coaching program to elevate and create)

R-I-S-E with Lisa is an 8 week group coaching program designed to .

R – Realign/Refocus/Reframe

I – Deepen Intuition/Connect to Inspiration  

S – Discover Your Soul Purpose  

E – Elevate/Express

This coaching includes:  

  • Four (4) 90-minute Zoom calls per month (for 8 weeks)
  • Unlimited email support (Priceless)
  • A private Facebook community (Priceless)
  • One 15 minute Advanced Energy Rejuvenation Remote session (A $75 Value)
  • One 8 x 8 Soul Expression Creation – your soul essence painting (A $125 Value)

 (8) ninety-minute Zoom sessions for $777 or 2 monthly payments of $388.50

Get Clear Sessions – Single Hour Long Sessions

Sometimes you need support in a heated or stuck moment; guidance or direction in times of confusion; or someone to SEE things you can’t, so you can make a shift.

These hour-long sessions are available also, as a package, which includes a discount.

Single Hour-Long Session: $225.00

Package of three (3) sessions: (including a 20% discount): $540.00