Life and shit happens. 

It always has and always will.  Most of us fiercely resist whatever comes our way and then, hang onto the energy of each trauma long after the event is over. Some people work on healing their wounds but eventually tire of it because it seems to never end. And, frankly, the old ways of healing are often difficult, slow to produce results and always focused on what’s wrong. The good news is, the heavy energy of the past is just that – PAST.  We are now in a new, elevated phase where all things are energetically high, possible and much easier.  
Just a reminder: life is always happening for us. If we don’t get that, if we don’t know how to elevate our frequencies and change our focus, and if we keep getting plowed under, the quality of our life diminishes. Our light goes dim and our dreams die. I know. Most of my life was a train-wreck. Many years and traumas later, my pain became so BIG and my misery so great, I knew something had to change. When I finally said YES to the journey of learning to love, respect, and value myself, yes to using the intuition I was born with, and, yes, to changing my self-talk and focus, things began to slowly transform. But, what I want you to understand is that now, results can come much faster when you know how to access the higher, energetic “wave!”



Life is too short and precious to waste.  And whether you know it or not,
you have superpowers (innate abilities and incredible strengths), that if tapped into, will change the trajectory of your life.  You also have tools at your disposal that will change your vibes, realign your focus and move you into your soul’s purpose, fully.  You can have all you want, including the money to do what you love. LOVE YOUR LIFE NOW. You don’t need to wait for circumstances to change or some kind of luck to happen.  You get to create the life you came here to live. You can absolutely start living a life of joy and inspiration. You can absolutely create wealth without resistance. Let me be your “high vibes guide” and show you how.

“YOUR TURNING POINT” is available on Amazon.

About Lisa…

I love music, singing, painting and dancing around a room to something upbeat. But you know what I love even more? Chocolate cupcakes with gobs of cream filling.

“I used to hide my cupcake addiction so no one would know. No longer. I’m coming out! Hey, life is short. Do what you love.”

My life was all wrong from the start. I was told I was too much, was terrified of everything and attracted non-stop drama into my life.

I was never comfortable being me. In fact, I didn’t know who “me” was. I was molested at 5 and again, later, by a mentally unstable neighbor boy. I was gang-raped in college, married to a narcissist/sociopath (whom I had a daughter with and later divorced) and constantly sick, depressed and anxious. In 2007, I lost my home to wildfire and 2 months later, was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2019, I collapsed with neuro-Lyme disease.

That’s a lot.

I was a people-pleaser and victim. I allowed people to walk all over me. I was pissed off all of the time and miserably unhappy. I rarely felt loved or love, except towards my daughter. I was a professional singer and band leader for 40 years, yet because I felt incapable and undeserving of success, my career never “took off” the way I wanted it to.

I used to wonder why the hell I was even here. I didn’t fit in, I didn’t like myself, I wasn’t happy or productive. What was wrong with me? After the fire and breast cancer, I knew that if I didn’t change the course of my life, I would probably die much sooner than I wanted to. So, I left a 15-year toxic relationship and went in search of my reason for being here.

That was a huge decision and a game changer. I took a stand for me. When you engage Source energy, start to ask questions and take bold action, the trajectory of your life shifts. You start slowly (or sometimes quickly) moving toward what’s been calling you.

I now have a #1 international best-seller, “Your Turning Point,” a companion workbook and an Italian version of my book. I’m the co-host of The Mindset Reset TV Show. I coach private clients, create fun and flowing works of art, am featured on national podcasts and radio shows, speak virtually and live to audiences around the globe, have a beautiful, talented daughter, and live and teach with the love of my life, Dr. Joe Vitale. And, I continue to elevate and be inspired every day!  Life never stops moving!!

I believe that anyone who has a deep desire to change their life, can and will, when they make the decision and take action. We all have inner resources that are available to us 24/7. We all have the capability of living in a state of joy no matter what happens “to” us.  What if we took our eyes off of what’s wrong and put them on what’s right and what we love?  What if everything in our lives is already perfect and we’re just getting in the way of our own happiness and success?  What if there is no healing to be done, only alignment with our true Source??  What if??

Lisa is a wise soul and a delightful interviewer! I’ve rarely been with someone so connected, so perceptive, so spiritual, and so grounded, all at the same time. I LOVED being with her!  She’s a true gem!

Joe Vitale “Mr. Fire, Author of “Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”; appeared in The Secret. Founder of Miracles Coaching.