Your Turning Point

What if you knew for certain there was a world you could not only access, but create, that would bring you more love, joy and opportunities then you ever thought possible?  A world of daily miracles, where things just fall into your lap and you’re left in disbelief…

What if you had the tools and mindset to successfully begin the process of getting to this place and following it through to living it daily?  I’ve painfully and joyfully lived and walked it, for years. 

I’ve written this book because I’ve come out on the other side; I’m living my miracle every day.  Doors continue to open; opportunities keep falling in my lap; people I could only dream of entering my life continue to, by incredible synchronicity.

That’s why I have painstakingly put together all I can remember, everything I’ve experienced, including my intuitive insights, so that you finally have the steps you need to get you to that space you long for.  

In Your Turning Point you will learn how to…

·      Live life on your own terms

·      Trust your intuition and follow it’s guidance

·      Discover your true worth and place in the Universe

·      Live with renewed purpose and meaning

·      Find your authentic path for joyful living

Create a Life of Joy and Miracles Filled with Opportunities

Your Turning Point: How to Break Free from a Life of Limitation and Break Through to a Life of Miracles. When you order Lisa Winston’s book you will get over $300 in amazing bonuses!