Lisa Winston

Austin, Texas


About the artist

Lisa has been drawing and painting for well over 45 years. Her first awards were for her copper etchings in high school. She then went on to create artwork for various school and college projects, where she also dabbled in pottery.  

In 2007, Lisa lost her home to wildfire in San Diego, including all of her art and music.  After that, she took a break from creating art, only to to start again soon after rebuilding her home (at the urging of her daughter) a year later.  

Lisa’s primary and favorite medium has always been watercolor. In 2014, she created illustrations for a children’s book. In 2015/2016, she turned many of her paintings into gorgeous scarves. You can find her scarves for sale on Search for Lisa Winston to browse her collection of scarves, wraps and bags and more. 

Lisa recently put her watercolors away when she was introduced to a new medium – acrylic pour painting, which completely ignited her at a soul level.  She is already offering beginning paint pouring classes (check for upcoming classes) and is experimenting daily with new techniques as well as creating commissioned pieces for clients and friends.  

What she loves most about this medium, is that the outcome is always unexpected and surprising. It’s all about getting into flow and letting go. She is now incorporating the message that creativity is as “necessary as breathing” as it opens you up to your genius, possibilities and all joy. 

And, all of Lisa’s soul expression creations are channeled and infused with high energy and positive intentions, uplifting every space they’re placed in.

Lisa’s artwork is available for sale or commission. Please email Lisa at for more information.  Lisa also holds beginning art workshops for groups of  5 or more via Zoom.  If you’d like to have a private workshop with your friends, please reach out and we can set that up.