Here it comes again.  Just when you think you’re settled and things are finally going well. 

A divorce.  Pregnant.  The end of a job or a new major health challenge.  Financial ruin.

Or what about the times you’re at your lowest and just as you’re about to give up, someone shows up as support, there’s a check in the mail or some miracle happens to bring you back to center.

Most of us have this idea that once we reach a certain plateau in life we’ll just cruise through on auto-pilot or be stuck there and nothing will change.  But change is as certain as the rising and setting of the sun.  It’s a natural, normal part of life.

So, where do we as humans, think that life should be without adversity?  Why are we so wrapped up in being happy, rich, fulfilled and healthy all of the time?  Why is it that anything less means we’re incapable, fucked up or a victim of our circumstances?

In reality, we came here to have experiences.  Plain and simple.

And there are checks and balances in place that make sure we continue to have them.  We label them good and bad but they’re neither.  They just ARE.

And they’re so beneficial.  When we’re asleep at the wheel, life tries it’s best to wake us up.  When we’re off track, it tries to get our attention.  Sometimes we listen.   But it often takes that Universal two-by-4 to hit us smack alongside the head and then we get it.

When we’re in blissed out land or too full of ourselves, here comes another Universal two-by-4…to bring us back to a state of equilibrium.  Back to the perfection of love.

I recently worked with Dr. John DeMartini who put it so perfectly.  He states that “your innermost ideas and thoughts maintain an overall balance or synchronous symmetry.” In other words, for every thought you have that’s positive, you have a hidden thought at the other end of the spectrum (sad).  These two cannot be separated.

The Universe is made of up of positive and negative.  Both are necessary and nothing can stay in balance or exist without the other.  It’s a Universal Law.

So to think that good can exist without bad is distorted thinking.  And labeling them as either is detrimental to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Each of us have two sides.  You may not admit it but you know that you sometimes think kind thoughts as well as angry thoughts; clean and “moral” thoughts as well as perverted thoughts, thoughts of gratitude and lack. 

We have different experiences….incredibly blissful moments as well as violent or traumatic moments, moments of peace and calm, moments of movement…

So it’s time to understand this.   Really GET this.

Let’s face it.  Blissed out all the time is boring.  You experience that when you’re dead.  And you didn’t come here for more of that.   You came here to have experiences of all kinds.  The Universe expressing itself in the most miraculous ways so you can have the ride of your life.  Truly.  

You didn’t come here to clear your karma or to relive your past life or generational dramas.  You didn’t come here to do better so you can one day own a castle in the sky.  You came here pure and simply to have as many experiences as you can.  And when you know that, you can start approaching life from a simpler, non-judgmental way.

Experiences are temporary.  They’re fleeting.  Coming and going in the blink of an eye.

Experiences humble us, fill us with gratitude, allow us to get back to what’s important.

Experiences are our teacher.  We always get to use them for the future, to help others and ourselves.

Experiences align us more and more with our reason for being, our life purpose. 

Experience helps us to be the richest, most diverse, authentic, integrous souls on the planet.

Experience gives us stuff to do while we’re here.

And I don’t know about you, but experience gives me the opportunity to be on my face blown away by the magnificence of the Source that created all of this…

So, remember.  When you were in nonphysical form, you signed up to be here.  You couldn’t wait to get yourself into physical form so you could actually see, smell, taste, hear and feel real experiences.  You called these things in and you still do.

Embrace all sides of yourself and others.   See that we all have the capacity to love, to hate, to build up and destroy.  Every single one of us.  Adolf Hitler had two sides.  Donald Trump has two sides.  Mother Theresa had two sides.  Read up.  If you think otherwise, you’re stuck in an illusion.

Embrace every experience that comes to you.  Life is life.  Death is death.  Neither is good or bad.  Whether you stay or go isn’t the issue.  You eventually will go and probably come back again, if you choose to.

Breathe in everything.  Use your inner guidance and intelligence to find solutions.   Take a look and see what life is calling you to….from self-righteous to humble.  From defeated to victorious.  Homeostatis.  Equanimity.

Life is calling you back to love.   Embrace that process and start creating a life filled with understanding that will bring you peace in every situation, with the who that you are and with the world and others.