Just imagine…



It’s your LAST DAY on earth.

You leave with your song still in your heart. And people waiting for you.

    But you didn’t have the time.  Or the money.  You were tired. 

And now it doesn’t matter.



Are you really willing to let ONE MORE DAY go by

without making a difference?




You have the opportunity to get clear and connected.



You get to create momentum and take flight. 


You get to begin making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the world.



 By saying YES to your greatness.

YES to your SUCCESS.

Start TODAY!



You’ve invested your life savings, your energy and time. You’ve worked with coaches but you keep coming up against stuck.  Frustration.  Uncertainty.  Wanting to quit.


But NOT wanting to give up on your dream.


 You know you’re here to change the world.  One.  Person.  At.  A. Time.


So, why isn’t anything working?  Why is it so hard?


 I’ve been where you are and I want to tell you, there’s a way through


 Welcome home



A place where masculine meets feminine;  connection meets skill.


A place where you can open, surrender, be free and yet, step into action at the same time.

A place where there are answers.  Just for YOU.


Today is a gift and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Right here with me.  

How do I know that?


Because I’ve been through hell and back, perhaps just like you.

Rape, abuse, divorce, illness and deep unhappiness. 


  But my big wake-up call came 10 years ago, in the form of a wildfire, which took my home and my family’s belongings in a matter of minutes.  


Two months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 


  And that’s when I made a new decision.  I knew I had to leave or my life was going to kill me.  Four years after the fire, I packed up my child, left, and never looked back. 


 Looking back now, it was all a gift.


Because my journey gave me the opportunity of finding my REAL self.

It brought me to my reason for being here.


I not only survived my entire lifetime, but am thriving because of the gifts it gave me.


I’ve learned that I am stronger than I ever knew.  I now know that I have the power to accomplish anything I want.


And at 58, I can say that I stand in a powerful place of inner peace and alignment.


I love myself.  I am unshakable, unapologetic and unstoppable.


And that’s why I teach women to say YES.


 Because every single woman that says YES to life and the unknown, ends up seeing their brilliance, finding their voice, embracing their strengths, loving their weaknesses and living up to their true potential.


Women who say YES, level up their inner game and businesses to make the most impact and money. I help women go from…



Through the magic of YES. 


 Success looks amazing on you.


 I look forward to supporting YOU in becoming the most BRILLIANT,


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Lisa is a wise soul and a delightful interviewer! I’ve rarely been with someone so connected, so perceptive, so spiritual, and so grounded, all at the same time. I LOVED being with her and look forward to our next adventure together. She’s a gem!
Joe Vitale

Mr Fire - Expect Miracles

Lisa is incredible; she is such a ray of sunshine and such a pleasure to work with. I adore her and her work is beyond amazing. I’m so grateful for being part of her summit.
Amie Valpone

Editor-in-Chief "The Healthy Apple.com'

Lisa Winston is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. Committed, inspirational, organized and empowering are just a few of the qualities that describe her. I look forward to working with her again!
Dr. Joe Rubino

The Center for Personal Reinvention

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa over the course of many months to help me with everything from business development to locating my lost dog! She is not only patient, insightful, intuitive and encouraging but also delivers her messages in a way that I could hear and take action to be and do what I needed to shift my energy in that moment. It’s been a true gift to find her. She’s a wonderful Soul and lightworker and anyone who has the chance to work with her will be thrilled! I highly recommend Lisa!
Cynthia Okimoto

Entrepreneur and Femininity Coach

Lisa provides a divine portal of transformation. She holds an amazing space for authentic growth, patience and pure love. Working with Lisa has opened amazing clarity and trust to allow my authentic pathway to guide me even deeper. She understands, transports information, and downloads intuition that allows quantum leaps in your life and business. She is a beautiful soul, master expert, and she will get you exactly where you want to be in your life.
Laura Christine Sainz

Live Vegan Vibrantly

I love to collaborate with positive thinking, intelligent, powerful and enthusiastic people. Lisa embodies these qualities and was a pleasure to work with on this project! I hope to continue to work together; inspiring and supporting our communities to live each day …..vibrantly, with grace and gratitude.
Kathryn Templeton

Ayurvedic Practitioner, MA, RDT/MT, E500RYT

I recently had the honor of being part of Lisa Winston’s summit. She was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with and the summit was as professionally run as any I’ve ever seen. I very much look forward to working with her again soon.
Steve Olsher

America's Reinvention Expert

I was a guest expert on Lisa Winston’s recent tele summit. Regularly being a guest on summits, I’ve sen how putting on a successful summit takes an enormous amount of effort and organization. Lisa was incredible and no detail was left undone. As a host, she was warm, welcoming and friendly. As an interviewer, I felt like I was chatting with a girlfriend who deeply cared. Lisa has an amazing ability to bring out the best in you so it benefits all within your care and reach. She’s dynamic, insightful, inspirational and a great role model for what she teaches. It was an honor to work with Lisa and I’m excited to see the far reaching impact from the beautiful way she serves those who need it most.
Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN



It doesn’t matter how many coaching programs or self-improvement courses you’ve taken. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, haven’t found your voice or stepped into your power, have no fear.


That’s not bad news. It’s good. Because TODAY you can choose to change everything.


I can help you starting today. Invest in yourself by working with me. Let me help you in getting clear, on point and on FIRE.