From Discovery to Recovery Course

The From Discovery to Recovery Course is a 90-minute video course designed specifically to show you how to access and use your inner guidance daily to more deeply explore, discover, and dissolve those old subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back.  Take back your life by becoming aware of your outdated programs and deliberately shifting them!


From Discovery to Recovery

Reveal your habitual patterns and take your power back through exploration, meditation, journaling and simple processes to navigate, manage and begin to heal them.

What if you could go from feeling ashamed of your reactions to empowered through new actions?  

If you’ve done a lot of “inner work” yet still have certain patterns and behaviors running your show, take heart.   
You’re not alone.  Some days we all feel like we’ll never get it right.
We buy books, videos and courses.  We attend seminars.  We feverishly continue to look for that “magic pill.”
But there isn’t one.  

Why is it some people seem to master their emotions and clear their beliefs while a vast majority of people can’t?

There’s no simple answer.  
We are complicated beings.  Growth happens a little at a time.  Our expectations run big and patience, small. Our inner critic loves to override our ability to practice gratitude.  It seems like we’re on negative autopilot 24/7. 
Some deep wounds are ancestral, generational and perhaps even past life.  Tough to get to and even harder to dissolve.
And frankly, some people just don’t do the work, at least not the deep work that healing requires.  The healing journey also takes time and patience.
Some are victims and use the past to serve them in some way.  
Others are just not ready to heal. 
But what if you are ready?  What if you’d like to start over, and recommit to doing some deep work that doesn’t feel hard?
What if you had access to a daily toolkit, filled with simple processes that you could incorporate into your everyday life?
What if you started reconnecting with your intuition, so much so, that you could hear, trust and follow it daily?

In this 8 module, 90 minute course, you will join me on a journey that will help you to learn to manage your energy, tap into your inner guidance, find outdated beliefs and wounds and begin the process of unraveling and healing them from a place of consistent exploration, alignment, and ease.

Course Modules

Intro Module: 6:04 minutes 

Module #1: 10:47 minutes 

Module #2: 7:55 minutes 

Module #3: 7:48 minutes 

Module #4: 8:51minutes

Module #5: 8:02 minutes 

Module #6: 19:44 minutes 

Module #7: 3:40 minutes 

Module #8: 16:09 minutes


Module #1

Energy processes and “naming it and rating it” (naming, describing, and giving a number to the biggest triggers in your life)

Module #2

Energy processes and deeper connection to your inner guidance (asking questions and listening for clues)

Module #3

Energy processes and taking a deeper dive by exploring more questions with your inner guidance

Module #4

Energy processes and exploring your most important core values

Module #5

Exploring and uncovering deep “core” wounds

Module #6

The importance of using creativity to elevate and let go.

Module #7

Processes and techniques to release triggers and beliefs

Module #8

In conclusion; positive steps and actions to keep you moving forward

What You’ll Receive With This Program:


1.  8 Video Modules with a total of 90 minutes of valuable energy exercises, insights, tools and processes 

2.  Transcripts for each Module 

3.  Core Values Document 

4. When Resistance Hits Document (Bonus) 

5.  Love Expansion Meditation (video Bonus) 

6.  Personal support from Lisa (the 


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